An Angel Tea Party with Angel Card Readings by International Angeologist, Evelyn Princess Buendia for media and bloggers

Do you remember seeing anything that strangely appears repeatedly within a day or within a week?  Are you curious about it?  It happened to me this year.  I have been seeing numbers like 4,3 and 5 repeatedly anywhere I go. At first, it didn’t bother me but then it dawned on me that maybe there is a sign or a message that I needed to know.

Luckily, I have few psychic friends who told me the meaning of this.  Honestly, I was skeptical at first but later on I came to realize that they are slowly trying to convey their messages to me through certain situations that I have to pay attention to.

It was just this year that I have met this beautiful and awesome friend of my sister. Her name is Evelyn Princess Buendia and she happens to be an international angeologist.  We met at a place where unexpectedly I felt I knew her all along when we were both introduced for the first time by my sister Jojie.  Our friendship started then as we became like sisters through constant communication.

What is an angeologist? It is a person who studies how angels relate to humanity and serve God’s purpose.  We believe that good angels help protect the believers, reveal information, guide people and in general, minister to God’s children.

I personally believe I have angels around me who are guiding me and helping me in times of hardships.  I believe God sent them to convey messages to me that I want to know.  I have been praying hard for wishes to be granted for my family most especially to my children.

She was able to read my mind and my heart through the angel card messages.  I was really astounded and touched by the messages of the angels as she was being guided to tell me.  I consider this as a special gift given to her because she can convey clearly and wholeheartedly what you want to know from the angels.

I was very delighted when I was told to invite my co-bloggers for an ‘Angel Tea Party” last September 16, 2017 held at Cafe Demitasse which Evelyn Princess Buendia organized with the help from her angel guides.  I am proud to be one of those who supported her to make this happen.



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This was an informal tea party with Angel card readings by Angel guides whom were introduced to us one by one.  Held at a cozy function room inside Café Demitasse, known to the City as serving good food, delectable sweets and coffee flavors you can choose from.

Chiqui Aportadera (Peppers Iberica owner), Ida Nanette Damo (abs-cbn) and yours truly


Evelyn Princess Buendia reading Angel Cards for Abigail Doromal (ddi blogger)



Wonderful tokens given during the event

We all had fun especially during the Angel Card readings wherein we can sit down one on one with an angel guide who will convey the messages by our angels.  Some nearly cried while others felt really happy upon hearing their messages.  There were angel guides also who lovingly supported Princess Evelyn Buendia during this event namely: Liberty Suelto, Jows Tomura, Pangging Verga, Zai Zai and Jay Delino.

It felt good knowing the things in our lives truly happened because God has a special plan for all of us. We can’t tell unless we focus our attention to what He wants from us. Thus, He sent angels to guide us and protect us.

The highlight of the event was the major raffle prize that Evelyn Princess Buendia offered to the winner.  This prize is the best thing that can happen in a person’s life because it will totally change his/her perspective in life and everything around him/her.  What is it?  The winner gets a chance to join a one day workshop on Angel Card Reading and be a certified Angel Card Reader.  Perhaps you are wondering who this lucky winner was?  It is yours truly! I could feel that it was really meant to be .

Winning the chance to join the Angel Card Reading Workshop


This is why I am writing this blog because I want to share my wonderful experience from the first time I met my sister and dear friend, Evelyn Princess Buendia who shared her gift through her Angel Card readings.  She is a kindhearted person. She is really something special. She opened my heart and mind to continue this journey.  Her mission is to let Angels be known to mankind.  Once you meet her, she is so full of life that it becomes really contagious.  This is not just her passion but it is a gift from within herself.  What truly matters to her is she can convey positive messages that will change a person’s life. She also supports her foundation for cancer victims and will not stop from there for she is a woman with a good heart.

I would like to end this blog with a deep and hearty message from the Angeologist herself , “Allow me to help you become an Earth Angel by learning the techniques of doing angel card readings for Divine Guidance for yourself or your friends, loved ones and clients! You will love the perks and be amazed with all the blessings unfoldings!”


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