Out of Nowhere Restaurant serves quality food consistently to satisfy customer’s cravings

The very first thing that I am looking for in a restaurant is the kind of atmosphere it exudes to its customers.  I would like to enjoy the place similarly to those people who came from different walks of life.  Other than just food, I need to be comfortable and satisfied knowing I can stay for a long time while eating my choice of food.  The lighting is most suitable and lifts up the appearance once inside. This was the first impression I had when I walked inside Out of Nowhere restaurant.

By the name itself, it seemed mysterious but pleasing to the ears whenever we hear it.  Well, that didn’t disappoint me at all. I was right all along.  This is a good spot to recommend to friends and families.




When you enter the spacious restaurant, it is warm and accommodating as tables and chairs are neatly arranged. The owners, Teddy and Razel Suy Tan (couple) with their business partner, Chef Ralph Tom took pride in creating a variety of food including delicious desserts that cater to a wide spectrum of flavors inspired by their travels to different countries. Their combined efforts and passion for cooking made the restaurant appealing to the masses.

The couple, Teddy and Razel Suy Tan are both hands on because they are keen on making a solution on every problem they encounter whether big or small.  They were doing this for the company and are happy providing jobs for their people.

Chef Ralph Tom also says, ” It really excites me whenever I get to think or plan a recipe or a pastry dish. Well, our inspiration would be seeing and making people happy that they are loving the dishes we made for them.  It is like putting a huge smile on their faces. “

You will know what makes it a good restaurant as I will introduce some of the food they proudly offer on their menu.

Seafood chowder  served with homemade ciabatta/French bread
 Seafood shrimp pasta with aligue sauce
Submarine Sandwich – 16 inches
Chicken Teriyaki served with garlic corn and rice
Chicken Satay served with tomato salsa and rice
Baked French toast with poached egg – (assorted cheese topped with poached egg)

Chili Con Nachos
 Shrimp Gambas

For their mouthwatering desserts with chocolatey flavor and vibrant colors:

au chocolait








OUT OF N2.jpg
pistachio vera









Red temptress








OUT OF N4.jpg
 Chocolate Smores and Revel bar

How could one resist these flavorful dishes served right in front of you?  Even the desserts will make you forget your diet.  Oh well, you certainly deserve it. The staffs were professional, pleasant and efficient. Lastly, it only takes a short period of time for the food to get to you. Those are the things that add up advantageously to keep their valued customers from coming back.  Now you tell me, aren’t you going to visit this most talked about restaurant in our City?

What makes Out of Nowehere different from the rest? This restaurant can stand out because it does not only provide good food and service but the thing is it makes their ingredients fresh daily.

To update you on its newest achievement, Out of Nowhere will represent Davao in the upcoming Philippines Culinary Cup in Manila this 2018.

Well, here’s the location of their new branch: 1st floor VCBG Universal Inc., building, Acacia corner Calachuchi street, Juna subd., Matina, Davao City.



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