PINOYCARE VISA CENTER, INC. – helps you to be a better individual, live fully and realize your dreams

A lot of Filipinos go abroad to migrate.  The main reason for this is to look for higher salaries with more benefits.   This is what attracted them to leave the country. They are known to be hardworking and loving to their families. Thus, they want financial stability for their families to attain a better lifestyle. There are also other reasons but this one factor stands out among the rest.

This is the mission of a visa center that aspires to be the answer to a world seeking global immigration solutions. This is Pinoycare Visa Center, Inc. Its vision is to reach out to people who aspire to become better, to live full lives and realize their dreams.



Pinoycare Visa Center, Inc. is a multi national company with offices in major cities in the Philippines and abroad to cater not only Filipinos but also other nationalities who is looking for greener pastures abroad.  It is duly represented of its transaction to Canada & New Zealand by Dr. Elena Burrill and Atty. Fershen Llanes.

Dr. Elena Burrill is a Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant while Atty. Fershen Llanes is an immigration lawyer of New Zealand.

The company is a member of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Cebu Chamber of Commerce.

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Since Pinoycare Visa Center was established in 1999, it holds an unbreakable record of serving the most number of clients.  That is why it has been given several awards by government groups as well as private organizations especially in the visa provider industry.

It is strongly supported by an umbrella of sister companies that continuously helped in the growth, expansion and innovation like A-max Philippines International Promotion, Inc., Pinoyland International Properties, Inc. , Philippine Manpower Care Solutions, Inc. , Care Center Management Services and Pinoycare PTE Ltd.

Its mission is to visualize itself and be the paramount solutions provider for Filipinos and other nationalities through giving those ways and means to acquire visas. Thus, they provide services such as Swift visa and Travel assistance to Filipinos and other nationalities to different countries.  These visas pertain to Immigrant visa, Spousal visa, Fiance visa, Tourist visa, Visit visa and Student visa.

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Prisca Nina Ompoc Mabatid  (CEO & Pres.) – gives her inspirational talk

“To bridge people to their dreams is more than just a business. It is the culmination of my commitment to help Filipinos to have a better outside our motherland.  I was, I am and will be the instrument to make it happen. My company is better placed than ever to bridge people to the better life.  With Pinoycare nothing is impossible”, Ms. Prisca Nina Ompoc Mabatid, CEO & President explains why Pinoycare has maintained its remarkable performance in the industry.

There were testimonies from their clients to prove how Pinoycare visa center fulfilled their dreams and this is how they feel about it:

Walter Orcerada: “Pinoycare Visa Center managed my application and they really saw me through from the moment I signed up until I finally got my passport.  What I appreciate most is the personalized service, expert advice and efficiency in their execution. I thank Pinoycare for helping me to be able to give my family a firm foundation for a better life in Canada.”

Aimee Ramos : “ What made me decide to join Pinoycare was when I heard a live testimonial of a successful applicant who have tried other visa agencies and ended up scammed, but with Pinoycare, he was able to complete the process with the provisions of Free IELTS review. A year and a half after that, I was the one standing in front of the crowd giving a testimony! I am now a Canadian immigrant”.

Katrina Wee: “ Pinoycare has been a big part in my success in getting the Immigrant Visa for me and my son.  Thru their excellent service, I have felt that they have not only treated me like a client but more like a family. Thank you much Ma’am Nina and all the staff of Pinoycare! More power and God bless!”

They have offices located at different Cities like Manila, Cebu, Dagupan, Cabanatuan, Baguio, Tarlac, Laoag, Dumaguete, Bacolod, Iloilo, Tacloban, Cagayan and Butuan.  They also have offices outside the country like Dubai, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Singapore.

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        Archbishop Romulo Valles officiated the Office blessing with Fr. Erwin Torres


        (From left to right ) Mrs. Salud O. Mabatid (mother of Nina) ; Iah Alcuizar (COO of PCVC) ; Ms. Prisca Nina O. Mabatid (CEO), Hon. Councilor Pilar C. Braga (represented Mayor Sara Z. Duterte) and Dr. Ramon Floresta. 

It is indeed fortunate for Dabawenyos that they are finally here in Davao City to give us hope and inspire us to follow our dreams. It just opened last August 18, 2017 and it was a successful inauguration that night.

The company is within reach as their office is located at the Ground Floor, Unit 1 & 2, Matina Town Square, Ayala Business Center, McArthur Highway, Davao City, Philippines, contact no. (082) 222-0191.


It is never too late to follow your dreams and pursue your ambitions!  What are you waiting for? Take the first step and visit them now in Matina Town Square.

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