It was a tremendous event since for the first time a show was organized by The Davao Fashion and Design Council Foundation, Inc., the City’s most active conglomerate of fashion designers and visionaries wherein 13 of Davao’s best designers showcase their talents in creating world-class products.  There were 15 product entries that were brought together to show what our city has to offer with its talents, material resources and ingenious creation.





This is Habi Kadayawan Fashion Accessories Design Competition, one of the newest events added in the official activities of Kadayawan sa Dabaw Festival.

Gatchi Gatchalian


The following 13 of Davao’s best designers are namely: 1.) Ms. Abrigo ; 2.) Ms. Alcantara ; 3.) Ms. Amora; 4.) Ms. Arriola; 5.) Artajo; 6.) Ms. Castillo; 7.) Ms. Chua; 8.) Ms. Maan Chua; 9.) Meriales; 10.) Ms. Ongkiko; 11.) Ms. Punzalan; 12.) Ms. Siglos; 13.) Ms. Sinfuego


The presence of Mayor Inday Sara highlighted the event as she showed her heartfelt gratitude and support to these awesome designers who are all winners in their own way.


The winner for Habi Kadayawan was Ms. Maan Chua who is not only creative with her own unique design but a good singer and composer as well.






photo credit to Mr. Hartzell Cueva

Her work of art was chosen as the best design among the product entries.

The winning entry

Let us celebrate Davao’s initial accent to break through traditions and anticipations as we put our best foot forward and present Davao’s developing identity and global aesthetics!



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