Gabrielle: the sweet sound from the south

Who is this young lady whose voice has been described as caressing and has been likened to that of a foreign singer’s?  She can catch anybody’s attention with such voice, just like the story of the Pied Piper. You might also think that she is a foreigner with that quality of voice. There’s no doubt she can easily attract a huge crowd and that’s why she has regular gigs at the Kanto Bar and BluGre in Matina Town Square.  I bet once you see her, you’d probably think she’s not a local because of her looks and fair skin tone.

Anyone would give double thumbs up upon finding out that the voice belongs to a Filipina. And yes, that singer on stage is a young lady, whose timbre and repertoire is definitely quite advanced for her age.

Her name sounds as beautiful as her voice. She is none other than Gabrielle Gross. Proudly pinay, “I’m a proud Davaoeña,” she’ll declare, and at 16 years old she has found her sound and has composed her own songs, like “A Song Inspired by You” and “Ain’t Bothering You”, and plays the instrument of choice herself—the guitar or the ukulele.  Isn’t that impressive?

gab 1.jpg

As for her choices of cover songs, she’s a young girl with an old soul. She may have Beyonce and Ariana Grande on the list, but one can’t help but wonder why an 11th grader would fancy Elton John’s ‘Daniel’, Bread’s ‘If’, Michael Jackson’s ‘Ben’ and ‘Smile’, or Diana Ross’s ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To’. Well, I can say she has a good taste!

 “I want to give every song I cover my spin to it. I want to sound like me,” she heartily said.

Perhaps her liking to a diverse range of songs is due to the exposure to different kinds of music, “I grew up listening to jazz and classical music, to Michael Jackson and Jonny Mathis. My dad really opened my mind to music,” she confessed.

Aren’t you curious who her dad is? That would be the popular balladeer Chad Borja.

Gabrielle says that it’s a bonus to be the daughter of a famous singer, but she has plans of her own. Then she humbly says,“I want to be known for the things I do and for who I am.”

Daughter and father have had several gigs together. She made a name of her own as she performed in front of a large audience appearing as front act at the 2017 Philippine Tour of 70-piece brass band Musikverein Orchestra of Germany and as guest vocalist for One Light Orchestra which performed at a Davao school-for-the-blind foundation.

She was signed up by Ivory Music as one of its talents. Quoting Ivory Music, “The record label sees much reason to sign her and launch the brand of music and star aura she has into the mainstream.”

Gabrielle Gross’ debut digital single “A Song Inspired By You” will hit the airwaves soon. It’s a song she wrote herself and delivers a message of universality.

Hit-making tunesmith Jimmy Borja also composed a song for this young talent to record. Entitled “Secret”, the song is about voicing out being one’s self while everybody’s trying to fit in.

“Gabrielle is surely an act to watch. She delivers her take of sweet, laid back music that seamlessly fuses pop, acoustic, R&B, and jazz only few of her age can truly pull off,” said an Ivory Music official.

From the South to the rest of the archipelago, expect the sweet sound of Gabrielle Gross filling the airwaves.

This girl will definitely make Dabawenyos proud. And with that voice, she will rock!



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