MFGM: The latest breakthrough in pediatric nutrition

First time parents are very happy to give their children the best care and love they can possibly offer unconditionally.  It is a learning process as they discover what and how to give their child because as parents they do not own a handbook or past experience that they can rely on while taking care of their children.

The first five years of life defines a child’s formative years. At this period, every triumph—from saying his first word and making his first step, to dancing, singing, or telling a story—becomes a learning milestone worth celebrating because it shows how much potential the child can achieve in the future.

That is why most parents exert great efforts to provide proper nutrition that can help with their child’s physical and mental growth, especially during the early stages of life when 90% of brain development happens. And the latest breakthrough in pediatric nutrition may just offer parents the help they need.

A healthy diet and good nutrition play a role in preventing some of the serious issues on inadequate nutrition that can delayed puberty, nutrient deficiencies, poor bone health, increased risk of injuries, poor academic performance and increased risk of eating disorders. Teaching children the importance of good nutrition throughout childhood will set the foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

The newest buzzword among child care experts is MFGM or milk fat globule membrane. MFGM is a tri-layer complex rich in bioactive components that has been proven in studies to support in the cognitive development of infants. Moreover, a study reveals that MFGM contributes in the behavioral or EQ development of children.

Milk is a very important food for the babies because it contains lots of nutrients that are essential for their growth. These include: source of Calcium, needed for strong bones and teeth.  Protein, for growth and energy.

For the first time, MFGM has been successfully extracted and reintroduced into supplemental milk formula for infants and children, making it closely similar with the gold standard in pediatric nutrition.



Tore Jesper Andersen, one of the leading experts on MFGM, said that the naturally-occurring milk component will forever change the landscape of pediatric nutrition. “This is not just about replicating one of the crucial milk components. It is about successfully extracting MFGM and introducing it to milk formula to maximize its efficacy for the development of our children,” said Andersen.





A study[1] published by Dr. Niklas Timby of Umea University in Sweden, further corroborated the positive effects of MFGM on cognitive development among infants. The study showed that infants fed with MFGM-enriched milk had significantly higher cognitive scores compared to infants who were fed a formula without MFGM. Also, this cognitive score was not different from result report for breastfed infants.

Another study[2] of Timby on the effects of MFGM also showed that the compound is likewise beneficial to strengthening children’s immune system.  It was found that milk formula added with MFGM fraction have reduced incidence of acute otitis media and episodes of bloody diarrhea in infants.  A different study[3] conducted by Genevieve Veereman-Wauters established that children who consumed formula enriched with MFGM demonstrated significantly improved parent-reported scores for behavioral regulation compared to children receiving control formula without MFGM enrichment.




The benefits that MFGM provide truly ushers in a new era in pediatric healthcare and nutrition, giving parents and pediatricians even more ways of helping prepare and protect children for tomorrow’s challenges.

Nutrition  is especially  most important for children because it is directly linked to all aspects of their growth and brain development;  They will have a good chance at creating a more solid foundation for their brain activity and what they can do later on.

It is a fact that parents can help promote a better quality of life if they instill proper nutrition trends in their children.  It will allow them to get involve in more activities that they enjoy doing.

Today, MFGM has brought pediatric nutrition closest to the gold standard of nutrition.



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