Street food is already flourishing in Japan especially in cities like Kyoto and Tokyo.

We are fortunate to have a Japanese street dining restaurant here in our beloved city.  Thanks to KAIZEN!




Kaizen, Davao’s most talked about Japanese street dining restaurant, is expanding their service and coverage by launching a delightful addition to their repertoire – the Kaizen food truck.



The Kaizen Yatai (Food Truck), a 10 x 14 feet truck checked out in high grade kitchen materials, signature Kaizen colors and brimming with warm, Japanese hospitality, will serve the same quality and variety of food that Kaizen has been known for.   This has been launched last August 9, 2017 at Torres Street beside Davao Wisdom Academy.


On regular days, the Yatai will be parked as a restaurant extension at their space in Torrest St., Davao City.  Special surprises will also come around, as the food truck will grace the city’s top food and music festivals most especially open food markets.

Chef Dana and Melissa Zapanta

The vibrant, young couple, Melissa Concha Zapanta and Chef Dana Zapanta, both have the same passion and their love story is the whole concept of Kaizen.  Melissa remembered how Kaizen started.  All the cuisine both Western and Japanese were made and prepared by Chef Dana overnight. Isn’t that amazing?  That’s how admirable the couple is because they build this restaurant for about eleven days and they never expected the support of Dabawenyos.


“The support for Kaizen has been overwhelming and this is another way to thank our loyal customer base.  Through the food truck, we ease out the traffic for our main site, while still uplift the same promise of good food and service to our beloved patrons,” shares Melissa Concha Zapanta, President and CEO of Kaizen.



She further explained that they wanted to bring Tokyo street dining in Davao City. Her vision together with her husband is to show what Kaizen’s concept is all about.  This is to build a community of local and global diners as well as passionate leaders. But they would like to emphasize that love and respect is the main core.


Finally, they looked for another concept that can go around the metro carrying Kaizen’s quality and variety of food that Dabawenyos will love.



Melissa was proud enough to say that she, together with her husband, Chef Dana, handled their staff well as they taught them the value of respect and camaraderie.  She knew that her people contributed to the success of the restaurant.


There were a lot of food on the menu that taste delicious but I was excited to try this popular food they introduced to us. It was called “Duterte Roll” with a presidential sauce.  She said that the president ordered it twice and he liked it.  That was awesome!


duterte roll.jpg









kani salad.jpg
Kani Salad












kaizen roll.jpg











I won’t be surprised if  Kaizen’s Yatai food truck will be an instant hit as it will move around the city where open food markets exist.  If this happens, the owners will affirmatively create another food truck because they value their business so well and put their hearts into it.

Visit Kaizen at Torres street beside Davao Wisdom Academy an experience Japanese Street Dining in Davao City!










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