Kadayawan Festival is truly “A Celebration of Life” for Dabawenyos – Come Celebrate with us !!!

If you were to ask me where is the best city in the world?  My perfect answer for that is, “Davao City, Life is Here!”.

I grew up in Davao City and I always felt perfectly safe everywhere I go.  My parents are from Mati, Davao Oriental but decided to stay here for good.  My dad found a good job and a place for us to stay.  I was born here and studied in a private school which is just a short distance away from our house.


I loved my school.  I loved my friends.  I love the malls.  Most of all, I love the food.  There is always something to look forward to when you come and visit Davao City.

And since it is August, “Kadayawan Festival” is here which we do celebrate annually.  Its name derives from the friendly greeting “Madayaw”, from the Dabawenyo word “dayaw”, meaning good, valuable, superior or beautiful.

In 1988, City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, now our beloved President, renamed the festival as “Kadayawan sa Dabaw” to celebrate the bountiful harvest of Davao’s flowers, fruits and other produce as well as the wealth of the city’s cultures. To this day, the festival continues to honor the city’s richness and diverse artistic, cultural and historical heritage in a grand celebration of thanksgiving for all of Davao City’s blessings.

The festival is a celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living.

photo taken by Miss Jojie Alcantara

It is held every third week of August. A lot of exciting activities are in store this coming Kadayawan week.  I can’t wait for it and witness the different events prepared to make this Kadayawan more fruitful from the beginning until the end.


photo credit to Ariel Pascua


photo taken by Ariel Pascua



I have interviewed few people I know and asked them why Kadayawan festival is very special in their hearts.

“I am always fascinated with culturally centered festival and Kadayawan is one of the best festivals showcasing the culture of lumads of Davao.  And it made more interesting with how the fusion of ten tribes shaped Davao living harmoniously with Christians.  Of course the thanksgiving of bountiful harvest, wherein fruits and flowers bring varied moods of joy and fun is another come on for visitors.  But the IP day wherein Lumads showcase their traditional games is what I am looking forward each year”, says Ariel Pascua, GENSAN Camera Club/XPPH SOX/SOX Tourism Advocate.

Chiqui Aportadera, businesswoman, owner of Peppers Iberica described Kadayawan as a very colorful festival, “I really like the street dancing because they are very colorful.  I also love the bountiful harvest of fruits that captured my heart.  My favorite fruits are mangosteen and rambutan.  I always look forward to it.”

“I really feel happy and proud that I am a Dabawenya (woman of Davao).  During Kadayawan festival, I love to see the different colors on the streets, the festive mood and most especially the food everywhere”, Gelivi A. Ceniza, a government employee of the City Treasurer’s Office.


Durian is one of the most sought after fruit in this City.  It always rings a bell whenever it is being mentioned.  Considered to be the king of fruits, Durian has 16 varieties to choose from.  Arancillo and Puyat are two of the varieties I loved.  Sadly, not all people who are from Davao really like to eat this fruit due to its pungent odor but surprisingly, it is very delicious to foreigners.  The best place to buy these fruits is at Magsaysay Fruit Market.


photo credit to SunStar Davao


Need I say more? Like it on facebook @kadayawanfest and instagram #kadayawanfest  to be always updated about the activities scheduled for Kadayawan.


photo credit to Ms. Jojie Alcantara

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