Get your dose of feel-good kilig with McDonald’s new video

Are you inspired today? Is it because you are in love?

Well, you are on the right track because it is the month of August! This month is actually Romance Awareness Month.  Yes and a double yes!!

And to be more inspired, McDonald’s is sharing the love this season with a new online video featuring four real-life couples whose love stories happen in/with/at McDonald’s. 


Who knew that August is Romance Awareness Month? Yet another reason for us to express and share love more often! True to its love ko ‘to catchphrase, McDonald’s takes Romance Awareness Month up a notch with its latest online video. Watch HERE.


Real-life couples from different ages and walks of life share their real stories of love that happened at McDo or over their favorite McDo products.



Roanne and Kenneth.jpg
Roanne and Kenneth

      Their love story began when they met at Mcdo and ate with their own group.  The girl had a crush on the guy and instantly they liked it each other and fell in love.



Hye Lim Cha and Juswille.jpg
Maurize & Gary

        The guy met the girl online while she lived in Korea.  It was a long distance relationship but it did not hinder their love to blossom into a special one until she came to the Philippines and met him personally.  Then, their love story began.


Anika and Rico.jpg
Anika & Rico

      The girl loved nuggets so much that when the guy  gave a bouquet of flowers with DIY  Chicken McNuggets inside their anniversary, she was so happy and loved him more for being so thoughtful and creative in a loving way.



Maurize and Gary.jpg
Hye Lim Cha & Juswille

         The guy proposed to her long time girlfriend in a very unique but charming way.  He placed the engagement ring inside a Big Mac box.  The girl was surprised because she ordered nuggets but a different one was given to her instead. Much to her surprise, when she opened it, a ring was inside and she was happier than ever.



Amid the current culture of hugot and cynicism online, the video gives glimmers of hope and enough reasons to smile and believe in love again. You’d be surprised at how happy endings are lovelier with every bite of your favorite McDonald’s meal or every visit to the store!


How about you? Truly, love is in the air!

Tell your loved ones about your inspiring story of love —whether it’s your own, your parents’, or your friend’s. Don’t forget to use #ShareTheLove and tag us!




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