“Remember Who You Really Are: 12 Questions to help you how” by Ms. Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan

Writing a book takes a lot of patience and faith in oneself. It does not take one day to write a complete book of your own.  For one thing, you have to choose a good title that would entice your readers to buy your book. The most difficult part may be sitting down and doing the work. Think again. There will be so many things to consider before making this decision because it is going to be a long process.

I had this dream that someday I will be writing my own book.  How great is that? That was long time ago because I used to write short stories in a small notepad.  I even wrote poems which unfortunately I didn’t keep for myself.

This is why when I heard from a very dear friend, Ms. Princess Buendia, that a certain author, who is a Dabawenya by heart and blood, is going to launch her very first book in Davao City, I immediately said “yes” to the invitation.  I am willing to give my support to this young woman for her great piece of work through her virtue of discipline.


book 4.jpg
Ms. Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan (author of the book) during her short message of inspiration 


This young and pretty Dabawenya, Ms. Joan Mae Soco-Bantayan, launched her self-empowerment book at Abreeza Mall Activity Center last July 21, 2017, Friday around 4:00 p.m.  She is a nurturer of Tuburan Institute and 2003 Mutya ng Dabaw (which can be seen from her good looks and pleasing personality).


book 3.jpg


The event was entertaining and fun because there were angel message oracle card readers around to give card readings to the guests for free.  I had a chance to sit down with them and I am happy about the message.











Ms. Princess Buendia, Angeologist










The program was hosted by two of the most prominent TV personalities, Rovic Ire Cuasito and Lady Bam Petilos, who is a dear friend of the author who encouraged her to write the book this year.  She felt it too and she was guided by the angels.


The author, Ms. Joan with her dear friends who motivated her, Ms. Princess Buendia and Lady Pam Betilos with Rovic Ire Cuasito


This book entitled, “ Remember Who You Really Are: 12 Questions to help you how” summarizes the lessons she learned from the seminars she attended like Ike Pono facilitated by Bruce Conching and Mission Courage Workshop facilitated by Alternative Nobel Prize awardee Nicanor Perlas.



I think this applies to everyone because our life has a challenging path and before we reached our goals, we have to face rough roads along the way.  Too many worries give us stress and we forget to think that life is not all about this but knowing how to take it one step at a time positively and patiently.

Life is not a bed of roses they say but if we allow circumstances to steal our happiness then we will give up easily.

The author believed that this book can serve as a guide as there are personal questions to use as compass in order to cope up with our lives. She adds, “ Because of the busy-ness that weigh in our lives, we have forgotten to look deeper into ourselves and find that deep inside that lies the fulfillment.”

Ms. Joan Soco-Bantayan made a short but meaningful speech before the audience who were thrilled to buy the book after the program.  There was also book signing and picture taking on stage with her afterwards.

Picture taking and book signing after the program


At a young age, she was really determined to share her story and wrote her book that she can proudly call her own. Most of all, she felt grateful to the important people who helped her and made this book launching possible.

If you were to ask me, I will not think twice but buy this book because I know this can definitely change my perspective to self-fulfillment.

The book is already available at Fully booked and National Bookstores for a price of P599.00.  It comes with an angel message bookmarker created by Angeologist, Ms. Princess Buendia.

I am hoping that the author will not stop from here but instead, she’ll be inspired to write more books that can help people from all walks of life!

Thanks  Tots Acebuche for these wonderful photos during the event.




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