UNIQLO LifeWear – the most popular Japanese retailer is finally here in Davao City to bring new meaning to Work Wear.

Here is the new way of apparel that will surely make Filipino lives better. Designed with such modern elegance hiding the most thoughtful and modern details, Uniqlo aims to be the number one Apparel Brand.

Why is it number one? It never stops to make new changes, bringing more warmth, better designs to add more comfort to the life of its loyal customers worldwide.



As a matter of fact, it is already taking over the world and becoming Asia’s biggest clothing retailer.  Its competitors must have been worried about its status in the retail industry.

What is its history? The company was originally called “Unique Clothing Warehouse” and when you joined these words together, you can read it as UNIQLO. Thus, it was born.

It was not all an easy path for this company because the people behind its success experienced downfall. But this did not stop them from becoming the biggest apparel chain in Asia and true enough in late 2012, the company was the fourth-largest retailer behind Gap and H&M.  This is because the company executives have their ambitious goals since they wanted Uniqlo to be the “world’s No. 1 casual brand”.

Uniqlo opened its first stores in Davao City which are located at SM Lanang Premier last May 26, 2017 and at SM City Davao Annex last June 2, 2017.  These stores will offer a full range of LifeWear essentials for men, women, kids and babies.



19048425_10155582600301564_1582393864_o (1).jpg




There was an opening ceremony for the VIPs and Media people held at SM Lanang.












The company is truly proud to introduce their 2017 Spring/Summer collection composed of timeless LifeWear pieces to bring out the combination of modern elegance and comfort style.



Uniqlo offers a wide variety of denim designs made with the best quality materials creating a stylish and comfortable jeans.




This collection consists of comfortable, accessible and polished pieces that are adaptable have and requiring low-maintenance to give that professional and stylish look.  These are made with fabrics such as drape and rayon which can be both machine washable and wrinkle-resistant that gives an added convenience and time. You can mix and match these versatile pieces as you wish to for they can be pared down for the workplace and for night out.

Kando Pants. What makes this more tempting to wear is its design for easy movement due to its lightweight quality and stylish appearance. It is suitable for casual wear and even sportswear. It is the best example of the company’s commitment to make the lives of Filipinos better through innovative clothing.





Uniqlo sport incorporates sportswear features into everyday apparel to make a functional and fashionable clothing. Thus, they have created a wider lineup of clothing line that will be very much applicable to the athletes and other individuals who are into sports to help them enhance their performance.



This is a functional innerwear created to solve the issues of having discomfort due to sweat.  It is more than just cooling because it keeps the skin still smooth and dry even when one perspires a lot.  Designed to be light, thin and smooth, the coolness can be felt underneath despite weather changes that happen everyday.

              Performance Support Tights             (Women  AIRism) photo by Uniqlo
Bra Camisole (Photo by Uniqlo)















Other line of clothing designs by UNIQLO LifeWear are: UT or Uniqlo T-Shirts designed to convey the individuality and moods of the wearers ; Mickey Stands collection which is proudly UNIQLO collection made to bring your favorite mouse to our best everyday T-shirt ; PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES is a collection that expresses the worldview of the movie through patterned with the main characters Jack, the pirate ship, skull and crossbones; UNIQLO KIDS and UNIQLO BABY was created out of from an inspiring idea that comfortable and durable clothing can help children interact and learn about their surroundings.


There were also exclusive offers for all Dabawenyos apart from the full range of LifeWear items:

Men’s collection:

Package Dry T-shirt (P290.00) is a soft jersey material that can be worn under a jacket or on its own, designed to have a crew neck for that casual look. An excellent option for women who enjoy oversized pieces.

Easy Shorts (P490.00) is a wide elastic waistband with a drawstring for adjustable features made compatible to your size and a knee-length design that gives you the comfort while engaging in different activities.

Dry Pique Polo Shirt (P690.00) is a polo shirt made as a staple fitting for every body type equipped with quick-dry and moisture-wicking properties.

Sport Dry Ex Short Sleeve T-shirt (P790.00) is a quick-dry sporty men’s t-shirt that absorbs sweat easily than ever before and makes it very comfy to use.

Stretch Skinny Fit Tapered Jeans (P990.00) has a classic style that stands out due to its innovative design for comfort and easy movement.


Women’s collection:

Drape Boat Neck T-shirt (P390.00) is a soft cotton t-shirt blended with rayon.  Its boat neck design frames the collarbone for that elegant look and slightly dropped shoulders for a relaxed cut.

2Way Ruffle Off Shoulder (P590.00) is a trendy t-shirt with an off-shoulder or square neck style that gives a cool, light and feminine look.

Rayon Blouses (P790.00) is ideal for women with its wrinkle-resistant material that can keep them on the go.

Leggings Pants (P790.00) makes comfortable and easy to move around with fitted cut that creates a slender and feminine outline.


I believe Uniqlo’s unique approach to fashion made a great impact to the lives of many.  They focused on well-designed basics and reinterpreting what fashion is through their products. This is why consumers that select their own clothes should have the individuality and thus their way to enjoy clothing is through mix-and-match concept.

As what Katsumi Kubota San, Chief Operating Officer, UNIQLO Philippines had said, “We at UNIQLO are thrilled to open our first two stores in Davao in SM Lanang Premier and SM City Davao Annex. We are looking forward to bringing our high-quality and innovative LifeWear pieces closer to Davaeonos,” said Katsumi Kubota, Chief Operating Officer, UNIQLO Philippines.

Honored to be standing beside Uniqlo’s Chief Operating Officer, Katsumi Kubota-san




The success of its expansion plans connects on the ability to do what’s best which is providing high quality. tailored products at lower prices.  By doing so, requires a deep understanding of the customer.  Their strong commitment to research and development had given them a lot of challenges and great opportunities to change the world and enrich the lives of people worldwide through their creation of great clothing wear.

Uniqlo store is here in our City and just within your reach!

For more information about UNIQLO and Fast Retailing, please visit www.uniqlo.com and www.fastretailing.com



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