Mango Radio is heaven’s pride as it communicates the love of God through its Music and Messages

Music is food for the soul. That is basically true.  We listen to music whether we feel sad or happy.  It gives us a feeling of comfort when we listen to our favorite songs more often.  Every song we choose has a meaning that we can relate to.

I like to listen to love songs with meaningful lyrics.  I usually incorporate my situation to music so whenever I hear it I could remember it easily.  This is why I believe that music acts as a medicine for the soul.  This is the power of music.

I was delighted when we were invited to the launching of a new and even better Mango Radio 102.7 station here in Davao – “Communicating the Love of God”.  It is located at Km 5 Beside Honda Motorcycle, Buhangin.  Starting this May 20, a new and different radio program will be aired as they will have children’s programs, community based, advocacy shows and a lot more. “Reaching out to people and leading them to a deeper relationship with the Lord” is their vision.  

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OMF LIT Bookshop @ Tionko Davao City


photo credit to Lovely Consing-Boiser  ( with my DDI Family)




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photo credit to Sarah Alegado (ddi family group picture with DJ John Floyd 


This will be on air at DXYP 102.7 in Davao City and DXKZ 91.5 FM in Zamboanga City brought to you by RT Broadcast Specialist Philippines Inc.  after more than a year of waiting for it to be granted.

How did Mango Radio come into existence? Nine years ago, Hong Soon Kyo, a Korean pastor prayed hard to fulfill his mission.  This is to spread the Gospel of the Lord to the people of Mindanao.  He was a talented person that he made use of this God given talent and shared his knowledge in radio broadcasting to succeed in his mission.  It gave him an idea that reaching and touching the lives of many people even in remote areas can be done through this. 



A lot has happened since then.  But why chose the name “Mango” for the radio broadcast?  This is because Mango is the Philippines national fruit and just like this fruit, Pastor Mike wanted the gospel of the Lord to make it sound as kind as possible, be open and freely accessible anytime and anywhere to all Filipinos.  That is his remarkable mission.


By April 2017,  Mango Radio began broadcasting live from 6 am to 10 pm in our City and even reaching as far as Zamboanga Peninsula,  Basilan, Sulu and some parts of Tawi-Tawi via 91.5fm Zamboanga.




As we listened to what each and every person involved in the success of Mango Radio 102.7fm Davao, we felt their priceless joy that finally their long wait has arrived by God’s grace.

According to Mr. Albert Jay Locsin, Station Manager, their goal is to communicate the love and it is not just playing the music.  It is more than that.  They wanted to cater to those people who also have the same beliefs as what they do.  They believe that their talents should be put to good use by spreading the love of God.



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Now that they are back with a new face, they will make sure to meet new people since they are really planning to cater to a wider audience – from Generation X to the Millenials but will remain faithful to the Bible teachings.


For DJ Michelle, she’s very thankful to the Lord because this was such a blessing to have Mango Radio and she’s happy to be part of it.  She knew that this is just the beginning and they will offer more for whatever the Lord had started, He will finish it with success.  


DJ John Floyd, emcee during the brief program with interview, would like to inspire a lot of people and uplift them through their music and talk programs.  He wanted to emphasize that Mango Radio is not a church radio because they exist to promote relationship to Jesus Christ. 

Ms. Myra, one of the last person to speak up, had greatly contributed to the success of the Mango Radio broadcasting station.  She emphasized that they are not selling their programs but they wanted to envision  the station to attain more frequencies and be a  partner to others who also have frequencies. 


DJ John Floyd 


The good news is there will be weekly programs offering new level of  radio broadcast programming to all its listeners.  These are the following:

Abounding Grace with Benny from Mondays thru Saturdays at 6 to 9 am

 Mango Float with Jay Locsin from Mondays thru Fridays at 1 to 4 pm

 Mango Revive Night with Michelle from Mondays thru Fridays at 6 to 9pm

 Out of the Box  with John Floyd  every Sunday at 1 to 4pm


Mango Radio can be heard worldwide through and “Tune-In” Radio App.

And for more details, call them at telephone no. (082) 224-7180 or email at GOMANGORADIO@GMAIL.COM

With the different situations we have to deal with in our day to day lives, we need HIM to encourage, inspire and uplift us in everything we do.  And just like Mango Radio 102.7fm, it reminds us that we should go back to HIM and renew our Faith.





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