Did you ever wonder where the tradition of Easter eggs comes from? Why the eggs were chosen to represent the celebration of Easter for kids?

They say that in some of the early traditions of the church, people brought their eggs to be blessed before they ate them, as the first joyful food of Easter. So the egg becomes a symbol of a new life.

Kids love to attend “Easter egg hunting” activities because they hunt these eggs and eat what’s inside.   There is usually a treat inside. That excites them a lot.  Or they may have a chance to color them too.

Krispy Kreme had a fantastic idea last Easter Sunday when it launched it’s “Easter Adventure” where kids can enjoy and eat their favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut.  To join, you will only buy any double dozen doughnuts. For an additional child, buy one dozen doughnuts to have a chance to participate automatically.

Activities in store for them were: completing the puzzle which they can find inside the Easter egg, decorating Easter bunnies, egg toss, line up for the doughnut factory and many more. After doing all the fun activities, kids will receive goodies from Krispy Kreme. That’s how Krispy Kreme’s mission is all about, to touch and enhance lives through the joy they give.  They wanted to create joyful memories to children too.

My daughter, Nicole, had a great time and her most favorite activity was a brief tour of their doughnut factory.  She was curious how these doughnuts were made fresh and delicious.

Completing the puzzle
Decorating the Easter bunny












Her goody bag from Krispy Kreme


Our DDI kids (photo credit to: Vanessa Mabini)

Do you know why Krispy Kreme doughnuts are loved by many? The taste is heavenly. Why do I say so? It has a sweet smell and once you eat it, this melts in your mouth that you can’t wait to take another bite.  If you’ll ask me, my favorite is their original glazed donuts which I find very flavorful.


With Krispy Kreme, they never settle for “second best”.

Visit their Official facebook Page @krispykremeph.


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