McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop will make your kid’s summer fun and memorable with its newest and biggest program this year 2017

The McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop is now on its 25th year. With this, McDonald wants your kids to have the best summer ever by introducing the newest and biggest program when they join the Kiddie Crew Workshop.


Kiddie Crew Workshops happen weekly from March 20, 2017 until June 2, 2017.  You only have to pay P650 for the registration inclusive of workshop materials, meals good for 5 days and the Kiddie Crew bag, t-shirt, lanyard with ID, chef’s hat, apron. Plus, they will be receiving graduation tokens after they completely finished the workshop.

McDonalds Kiddie Crew Infographic_Final.jpg

The best part that this year’s kiddie workshop can offer is the refreshed program developed purposely to make kids enjoy and experience their all-time favorite activities. Kids can’t wait to be at the workshop everyday because they will have the opportunity to be a McDonald’s crew and be involved in activities such as Make-Your-Own Cheeseburger, Lobby and on-floor training as they welcome visitors, Drive-Thru as they greet on-the-go customers and front counter training to help serve customers. Participants will be taught on how to “Make-Your-Own Dessert activity” and how to prepare customers’ orders through the McDelivery Game for the first time.  A truly fun-filled 5-day workshop for those who will be a registered Kiddie Crew participant.

During its media launch at McDonald’s Bajada branch just beside Victoria Plaza, and in celebration of the 25th year anniversary of Kiddie Crew Workshop, they have invited 25 children from Balay Pasilungan Foundation.  The children were given the free opportunity to experience what it’s like to be a McDonald’s crew in one day.  This was a very touching moment in their lives because they had fun and learning throughout the workshop.

Lobby and On-floor training

Front counter training




McDonald’s dance


Do not miss out the opportunity to enroll your kids for this newest and biggest program that Kiddie Workshop is offering for this year 2017.  Aside from having fun, they will also learn responsibility and develop their skills with other kids of their age through teamwork.  Registration is ongoing until April 30, 2017.  Moreover, the biggest event will be their Kiddie Crew Grand Graduation happening nationwide as they meet and greet Ronald McDonald and the gang.

So what are you waiting for? Register online or visit any of McDonald’s restaurant nearest you.

For more information on McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop, visit

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