Vine Molave :Cafe, Resto + Bar, Bed & Breakfast – the right place to relax and unwind

In our day to day lives, we would likely find ourselves longing for a place to stay and relax because of a hard days work.  With our hands full and our minds being drained for a week, it is the best time to think how you can cope up with the pressures going on.

This time it is safe to say that we can decide to give ourselves the reward we deserve to have.  We should not deprive ourselves of the fun and relaxation that our mind and body needs. By this, we can be recharged and feel that there is more to life besides paper works, office meetings and client calls.

The thing is, we need a comfortable place where we can do so many things at one time because everything is complete with amenities and delectable food and drinks not to mention the accommodating staff who knows automatically what you need.

I finally found what I have been looking for.  My friends and I fell in love with this place as soon after our experience their during our first visit.

Vine Molave, Bed & Breakfast, the first boutique hotel that offers a full service located at Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

The design itself entices travelers or tourists to know what this boutique hotel offers.  It is a combination of modernization and elegance that makes it stand out among the rest.



Climbing up the stairs leading up to the rooms are safe.  The upstairs is not directly visible from the bottom of the stairs which connotes that there is privacy for the guests occupying the rooms.

download (7).jpg



There are 11 rooms offering top-notch amenities to make sure their guests will be fully satisfied and well taken cared of.   Rooms are clean and spacious with attractive paintings that hang on the walls.  The colors combined enhanced the room’s appearance making them definitely pleasing to the eyes.

download (5).jpg

download (8).jpg









download (6).jpg

We ordered food and surprisingly, they served it fast at the Vine Cafe .  What can go wrong?  The food was tasty and cooked well to satisfy our taste buds. I love the pizza and I had eaten more than what I should have.

download (1).jpg




If you want to have a fantastic time to spend with your friends or enjoy a peaceful moment, you can visit their coffee shop at Vine Cafe. It has a cosy atmosphere.

And since I am a coffee lover, I ordered a Cappuccino and some sweets to go with it. Great coffee and great company. That completed my day.

download (4).jpg


They have a Resto + Bar called Vine Bar where nightly entertainment is being held with disc jockeys and great performers to make the atmosphere exceptionally lively.  It is a cool place to meet people to get together for fun, food and drinks. You will be entertained as you listen to some music and dance.  The decorations are exceptional with subtle lights allowing their customers to be comfortable at their seats.












I ended up having a good time with my friends and we will be coming back to invite more friends over. We want them to get the feel of what’s in store for them when they visit Vine Molave, Bed & Breakfast.

I was informed that their Café will be opened from 1:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. while the Resto + Bar opens at 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m.

Good news to pasta lovers out there starting MARCH 30! They have this “Enjoy all the pasta you want: Carbonara, Seafood Arrabiata, Pesto Aglio Olio and Pinoy Spaghetti.” Avail all of these at affordable prices offered every Thursday to Sunday @ 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

You can check them at or on facebook @vinemolave for more inquiries.

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