Declare: True or False

Yesterday’s Feast at SM Lanang Cinema 6, was a blast! I almost didn’t show up because I had a good time with my old friends whom I haven’t seen for years.  They spent time at my house and we talked happily for a long time reminiscing our past.

I came almost late but good thing I still had a chance to sing and dance to my favorite song, “Hall of Fame”.  Everybody was clapping and singing to their hearts content along with the Feast Builders and the music ministry group.  It was a lively crowd.


The speaker, brother AJ Perez, talked about the most important act we should have done earlier in our life.  It was declaring what’s the truth and what’s not, TRUE OR FALSE. In this way, we are setting ourselves free.

Due to the fear of taking risks and coming out of their comfort zone, some people would rather stay that way. I am guilty of that.  Honestly, I like to work and stay at home but I would also love to travel.  Unfortunately, I am scared of heights which means I am scared to ride a plane.  Unbelievable, right? I rode a plane when I was 27 years old and my first trip was to go to Cebu City.  It was a nerve wracking flight for me.  That’s because of my fear of heights and while I was trying to overcome it, I had a lot of negative thoughts during our flight which did not really help me at all.

How did I cope up? I erased all negative thoughts about riding a plane and convert them to good thoughts.  I thanked the opportunity to travel and be stressed free. The most important act of all was through prayers.  I prayed for strength and guidance in making decisions. It worked.

During the talk, the words “What you focus on flourishes” hit me. Yes, what I focus on will manifest too.  Just like a person who complaints a lot can really get what he deserves. Unlike a person who thinks out of the box and does not lose hope will get a positive outcome that he never expects.  The speaker further explains that life is one giant restaurant.  For instance, a customer orders her favorite food on the menu and when it was served on her table, she suddenly complains about the taste, etc.  What is there to complain about when she chose the food. It’s the same with our lives, the decisions we make is based on how we feel and look at life. It could be either positively or negatively.


I longed for freedom. Freedom to be free from financial problems and challenges to become a good parent to my daughters. Last night as brother AJ Perez prayed over us,  it dawned on me that some areas of my life are still trapped in believing that my future is not yet clear to me. Nevertheless, I became a stronger person and when there are times I feel down, I would think of many things that I should be grateful for in my life.  A positive strategy that I am applying at this time.

The best moment during his talk was the You tube video he showed, spoken in “Spanish” wherein it depicted the life of a homeless man known in their neighborhood as he guards the parking lot and assists vehicle owners on where to park.    He looked so old because he had a messy white hair and a long beard. He manifests a person who seemed hopeless and nowhere to go but accept his own fate.

The experiment was to change his outlook in life by changing his looks.  What seemed impossible for him became possible in just few hours.  He was taken to a salon wherein they cut and change the color of his hair, shaved his thick beard and change the color as well.  He was dressed well into something more presentable as he wore red pants and white long sleeves and shades to match with it.

As he opened his eyes, he couln’t believe what he saw.  He thought it was a stranger in front of him but there he was ,looking good with a positive aura emanating from him. As he went out to greet people around his neighborhood, they could not believe what they are seeing. A truly changed man! This could not have happened if he didn’t say “Yes” .  It could not have been possible if he didn’t set himself free.  From then on, he was given a lot of unexpected blessings which opened the way for him to a new chapter in his life.

As the Bible reminds us of the message from God that says, “Be not afraid for I am with you”.


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