SM Lanang Special Advance Screening of “Beauty and the Beast”

I have always been fond of the movie , “Beauty and the Beast”.  It has brought a lot of memories to me when I was still young.  I love the story because it depicts “true love.” The famous song became my favorite and I memorized it until now.

“Beauty and the Beast” is a song written by lyricist Howard Ashman and composer Alan Menken for Walt Disney Pictures. The lyrics of the song implied that the feeling of love is as timeless and ageless as a “tale as old as time”.   It was later recorded as a pop duet by Celine Dion and Peobo Bryson.  It became a sure hit after being released as the only single from the film’s soundtrack.

Feeling like a child again, I was just excited as everybody else when we arrived at the SM Lanang cinema (Imax).  I I brought along my daughter with me who is an avid fan of one of the Disney Princesses, Belle and the actress herself , Emma Watson, who played the role of Belle.

There were a lot of media guests invited by SM for this advance screening event.  We took pictures of the Beauty and the Beast displayed  before the Entrance and the most attractive site was a Red Rose inside a glass which depicts the significance of it to the life of the Beast.





Before the movie started, we were welcomed by Eduard Aron Dalaza of SM Lanang Marketing Department, who graciously thanked us for our presence.  It was the first time that SM hosted this event for the Disney movie’s Advance Screening of “Beauty and the Beast”.  He further announced that there will be more special events like this to be expected in the future.

At the end of the movie, we were all happy and satisfied.  The audience clapped their hands to show their  appreciation for the movie. The cinema was filled with giggles and laughter talking about the Beauty and the Beast. I was impressed by the Emma Watson as she acted the part of Belle. Most of all, the Beast was the best character of the movie because though his appearance was scary at first, he became lovable to me.  Maybe because he was a gentleman, clever  and caring beast not to mention his loud, attractive voice.  I do not mind if he will still be the beast in the movie until the end.

images (1)
This was the scene where they were inside the huge library and the Beast introduced his magical book to Belle



Really greatful to SM Lanang for sponsoring this event. It was well controlled as the guests were cooperative from beginning till the end.


A quality movie like this by Disney films is worth watching over and over again.








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