Experience fun and be inspired at Malagos Chocolate Museum : The tree to bar experience

Do you know that eating chocolates will be good for you? I am one die-hard fan.  Chocolates are good for our health.  For one thing, it can reduce the risk of heart disease.  But for me, it gives me happiness which I feel whenever I take a bite.  I suppose this is the same feeling for millions of Chocolate lovers!

When I knew about the opening of The Chocolate Museum at  Malagos Garden Resort, I was excited to go there because I know I will have fun.

As we arrived at the place, we were welcomed by the matriarch, Mrs. Puentespina, owner of Malagos Garden Resort.  She was all smiles when she saw us.


I had a good impression when I entered the Museum.  The designs are made attractive and suitable to families who would like to take a tour of what’s inside of this museum.  It is the very first in Mindanao and you can learn a lot from seeing the wonderful pictures with description displayed in every corner.  It connects us to the world of CHOCOLATES.  It brings us back to it’s history.


Cacao Belt


Different Packaging Designs of Malagos Chocolates

The interior design deeply encouraged learning or discovery once you get a full view of the place.  I love the way the pictures are being arranged and displayed in order.  It makes you eager to learn the processes one by one and not wanting to miss any opportunity unknown.

Honestly, I have never seen a cacao tree in real life.  I know what cacao fruits look like but I didn’t have any idea about the physical features of the tree that they came from until I went to the Museum.

A cacao tree is a small tree that only grows from 4 to 8 meteres in height. It seeds are called cocoa. Nowadays, the trees are seen growing in plantations in many tropical countries.


Every corner I turned was a new discovery for me.  From harvesting of Cacao fruits to producing chocolates.













The good thing is it even has an interactive playroom that kids can stay for a while.   The carpets are ideal and safe too. A fun space for your kids to enjoy and use their creative imagination.

The Interactive playroom

This gorgeous design of chocolate melting and pouring from above is one that attracted me most.  I can’t take my eyes of it because I am craving for chocolates that time.

My model: Ms. Maria Celeste Noblefranca (Vblogger and Businesswoman)

The saying goes, “Patience has its own rewards” and  surprisingly, we were directed  to a Chocolate bar where you can order hot and cold beverages and their house specials. Tables and chairs suit the colors of the walls. It is trendy and eye catching.



The exciting part of the tour which came as a surprise to us was the “chocolate making on your own” as I termed it. This is where you and your kids would love to do.  We were given a small container of melted chocolate and a tray where we will put our choices of fillings like dried mangoes, cashew nuts, rock salt, raisins, chili,mint leaves, etc. There were designs of different sizes and shapes to choose from.










Once finished, a chef will take care of your chocolates as these will be cooled inside a refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Then the final product will be placed inside a small box. This cost P450.00 each containing a dozen of bite-sized chocolates. Isn’t it yummy?  Yes, it is!

From left to right: Maria Celeste Noblefrance (Vblogger/Businesswoman), Ms. Charisse Puentespina (Production Head of Malagos Agri-Ventures/Malagos Garden Resort owner) and Ms. Jojie Alcantara (Lifestyle columnist, photographer, PR & Marketing consultant)

For more inquiries about the Malagos Chocolate Museum, Baguio District, kindly contact Mr. Jaydee Duano, Resort Manager of Malagos at tel numbers (082) 221-1545/(082) 300-9286 or visit them at their Sales Office at Puentespina Compound Bolcan Street, Agdao, Davao City.

This is another destination that Davao City can be proud of!








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