BELO Baby Cologne products are best for children

I discovered this Belo cologne when I went to SM Ecoland and saw it being displayed in their supermarket.  It was the packaging itself that attracted me to it and immediately smelled the fragrance due to my curiosity.  It did not disappoint me!

As a mom, I would like my youngest daughter, Nicole, to wear a cologne that will not irritate her skin and cause her allergies.  Just like me, she has rhinitis too. In this case, we are not allowed to wear perfume or cologne that has a strong smell or else we would end up sneezing or itching in the nose and eyes.

We want our children to smell good first thing in the morning when they go to school and come home still smelling fresh and clean.  I am particular about that because I love to smell my daughter most of the time.  I think all mothers do!

I bought the very first Belo baby cologne, Sweet Snuggle.  It smells good because it has a floral scent! I also tried the two new ones, Happy Tickle with a fruity scent and Cool Drizzle with a classic scent which are all out in the market and my little princess likes to wear it since then.  16935933_10155271994741564_1301873205_o (1).jpg











Yes, this little one is a certified Belo Baby cologne fan and she loves it.  She puts it inside her small bag when she goes to school.

I believe in Belo baby products to be clinically proven and gentle on baby’s skin.  My niece, Kamy is already using it  because like her, she is addicted to its smell.



These products are made affordable for mommies like us. Since we only  want what’s best for our kids, we like to buy good quality products and BELO is the name that we can trust.

You can visit them at for more details.

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