My First Awesome trip to CEBU CITY this year 2017

I was so excited when I got the news from my dear sister that we’re going to Cebu City.  It was a rainy morning when we went to the airport.   I missed Cebu because I had good memories of it.  I  thought that it is going to be more exciting because I will accompany my sister who will be having her Photography Workshop with the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.


We arrived in Cebu and stayed in a beautiful hotel, Cebu Grand Hotel.   It was a little bit far from the airport.  The room is spacious and clean.  As you enter the lobby,  the first thing you will see is the Sto.Nino in between are the two mannequins dressed fashionably.  Overall, the lobby is simple and yet has innovative design that can entice customers.
















Since we do not have anything to do in the afternoon, my sister and I went to Ayala Center.  This is one thing I wouldn’t want to miss! As usual, we felt like kids roaming around.  My feet hurts from walking for more than four hours but it was okay because we were enjoying the moment.  We decided to have a foot massage at the Blind Massage Center.  It was superb and affordable.  No wonder we had to wait few minutes for some customers to finish their turn.


The next day, we went to Marina Yulo Vargas Regional Program and Training Center where my sister, Jojie Alcantara, was invited to be one of their speakers about Basic Photography and Photojournalism.  We were warmly welcomed by Ms. Bella Celeste A. Velasco, OIC, Communications Division/ Head, Publications Section. This was a GSP Brand Strengthening and Communications Forum for Communications Committee Members, Council Executives or Technical Assistants and Junior Journalist Guild Members in the Regional and Council Levels.


Jojie started her workshop at around 1:30 p.m. and finished successfully by 7:30 p.m. This was unexpectedly extended due to the activities they enjoyed doing.  The participants were all engrossed the whole time. The last surprise for the participants was the prizes they got during the contest and the free instax mini pictures that each of them can have.













I had fun watching them while assisting my sister during her speech.  I am honored to be part of their journey through learning the essence of Photography in order to improve the image and visibility of Girl Scouting. I am grateful to them as I  also received a Certificate of Appreciation.



After the workshop, we felt really hungry because it was past 7 p.m. Good thing that a close friend of Jojie, Ms. April Rama and Chef Lour invited us over to have dinner at their restaurant.  It was Isidra Comfort Cantina located at Don Mariano Cui St., Cebu City.  From the name itself, I am already expecting that a sumptuous dinner be served to us.  I was right then. It really was!

These were some of the COMFORT food we tasted.  It was cooked fresh and savory that you will never go unsatisfied afterwards. I would higly recommend this when you are in Cebu.















We were transferred to another hotel named MJ hotel. It was our second night there and the room given to us was huge too.  I had a good sleep maybe because a part from being tired the wholeday, the bed was so comfy. The hospitality was good.





We planned to go back to Ayala Center the day after since we have enough time.  We engaged in a lot of activities and took photos of where we went to.  Addicted to foot massage, we went for a second visit to the blind massage area. We were fortunate to have witnessed the dancing lights ouside Ayala which captured our attention as we were inspired with awe.

















16776883_10155251646001564_1219931691_o (1).jpg16810069_10155251644226564_458378000_o










On the day of our flight to Davao, there was a typhoon coming but we were not so worried because of the feeling of contentment and happiness for having a wonderful time in Cebu City.  Much as we would like to extend our stay to witness the Sinulog 2017, we have to go back home.  It was a memorable trip and I knew it won’t be my last visit to Cebu.

We owe it to the Girl Scouts of the Philippines, most especially to the ever supportive  Ms. Aida C. Saromines, Regional Executive Director, GSP Visayas Region and Ms. Bella Celeste A. Velasco, GSP Communications Division.

Salamat Kaayo!



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