The Media Food Sampling Lunch brought to you by Sarangani Bay and Peppers Iberica

It was a Sunny afternoon of December 1, 2016 when I was invited for lunch during the Media Food sampling at Peppers Iberica using the Sarangani Bay products as their main ingredients.  This event was organized by my sister, Ms. Jojie Alcantara , Mr. Jose Marie “Jeje” Cabrera, Export and Marketing Head of  Sarangani Bay Products for Vismin, and the full support and partnership  with the chefs (owners of Peppers Iberica) , Allen and Chiqui Aportadera.

Sarangani Bay is a leading consumer choice in the Philippine market and now exports nearly two thirds of its processed harvest to Filipino communities in different countries like US, Canada, Middle East, Australia, Guam, Singapore and Japan.  This is not surprising to know because it has been the most globally recognized and trusted brand when it comes to premium deboned milkfish, also known as “bangus”.

Mr. Jeje Cabrera made a short powerpoint presentation to give us an idea of why Sarangani Bay products are considered world class in quality and safety.   He explained how Alsons managed the entire growth chain of milkfish and the farm-to-market fish processing operation that paved the way for a true end to end quality control for all its products.


I was amazed to know that nearly 7,000 metric tons of fish are farmed in the unspoiled waters of Sarangani Bay in Southern Mindanao.  Milkfish is said to be a highly sustainable specie grown by this Corporation and that’s why technical expertise was applied on their aquaculture practices to create a fully integrated Aquaculture Operation that will protect and preserve the environment for future generations.

Farm operations not only focused on milkfish but already included Pompano, sea bass, snapper, grouper and vannamei shrimps.  These were cooked and well prepared to us during lunch at Peppers Iberica.



15409457_10155030847971564_50785301_o (1).jpg



The food was really superb and creatively presented by Peppers Iberica.  I was happily contented with a full stomach.  These dishes taste so delicious because the source of ingredients (Sarangani Bay products) are made from good quality as they were handpicked from daily harvests based on rigid export standards. And of course, combined with the efforts of preparing a festive lunch by these chefs, Allen and Chiqui who have passion for cooking and good sense of taste.

The Export and Marketing Head of Sarangani Bay Products – Vismin, Mr. Cabrera, was generous enough to give prizes for those names that have been randomly picked by him. The winners were happy to receive their prizes as well.

But we didn’t go home empty-handed because we were all given Milkfish in oil bottles placed inside a simple but attractive package design.   These bottles are available in regular and spicy flavours.  Each bottle is packed with thick, soft chunks of baby bangus simmered in Spanish spices and corn oil.




It was undoubtedly a successful launch of the products and  we’re expecting a lasting partnership between Sarangani Bay and Peppers Iberica in the future.  Moreover, it was the First Year Anniversary of the restaurant and  these dishes will be included in their new set of menu.

Until today, Alsons Aquaculture Corporation is committed to satisfy all its customers by its consistency in producing Premium Quality in each and every pack of Sarangani Bay.

You can visit their website at for more details or check their kitchen-tested recipes in Kusina Sarangani on Facebook.




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