Aromacology products are botanically based – All -natural ingredients made to perfection

A lot of products have been introduced to me but I do not use these immediately because I have a very sensitive skin. I have to make sure that each product is not harmful to my skin.  I am conscious of my skin because I am not getting any younger and I would love to look a way younger than my age.  Who would not like that? When you meet someone after a long time and says positive things about the way you look.  That flatters a lot.

I have been looking for products that I can be assured that I am safe and my skin can benefit a lot from.  Luckily,  I came to know this company that I greatly trust not only because the CEO, Ms. Vanessa  J. Mondragon, is our dear friend but I am a living proof that their products really worked.

Aromacology Sensi offers a wide-array of Skin-care products specially designed for Asians. We are prone to skin irritation that is why it’s important to choose products that can help our skin fight against the environmental factors and chemicals sorrounding us.

Aromacology Sensi products are the answers to our skin problems.  It’s BFAD approved and proven to be both effective and affordable.  I am an avid user of their products. One of the products I am currently using is the Aromatherapy H-Cream Cold Pressed VCO.  Once you smell it, you become addicted to it because of the sweet scent of Orange with Lemon and Spearmint.  It helps a lot when you are stressed and tensed.

Aromatherapy H-Cream (100 ML) @ p275.00

Active – C  Alkaline is a Tooth Gel I have been using for months.  It has an activated charcoal that whitens teeth and eliminates bad breath. The other ingredients combined with it are the Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint and VCO.

Active C Alkaline Tooth Gel @ P260.00

I am also excited to share this product that can help me lose weight and address my constipation problem. It is Alkaline Multi Grains Super Food which can be used as meal replacement, an excelllent source of protein, rich in phytonutrients, calcium and fiber.  It is simple to prepare. Consume one sachet and mix with 2 tbsp of Cold Pressed VCO in a 1 cup of hot water.  It has a pleasant aroma and a lingering taste.

The Coconut Oil Extra Virgin is raw, unrefined and cold pressed.  This will help your heart to be healthy and give instant energy to your body that you need when you are always on the go.  Other useful benefits of this product include improvement of insulin secretion, can be used as skin moisturizer and hair conditioner as well.

Coconut Oil Extra Virgin (120 ml) @ P425.00
Alkaline Multi Grains Super Food (30 g x 10 sachets) @ P490.00

My  most favorite product that I can’t seem to go without it, is the Botanical Fresh Mouthwash + Spray made from natures antiseptic and anti-microbe mouth rinse and spray. You will like the taste as a mouthwash.  Dilute 2 sprays of Botanical Fresh with 20ml of water and gargle it for 30 seconds before spitting it out.  As a mouth spray, directly spray it into the mouth.  It’s indeed breath freshening. Simple as that!

Botanical Fresh Mouthwash +Spray @ P210.00

Finally, I am happy to share their newest product that has recently been out in the market. Magic Cushion Anti-Aging therapy with SPF 50+.  I am a proud user and I can vouch for its effectiveness.  It is super absorbent and the longer it stays in your face, the radiant your skin becomes.  No wonder it is called”MAGIC”.

Magic Cushion @ P750.00

Throughout the years, Aromacology Sensi lived up to their vision which is to become a trusted household name in skin care products and a reliable business partner to individuals who want financial freedom.  This is the very reason why the company keeps growing and growing.

Head Office (photo taken by Ms. Jojie Alcantara)

The Head Office is newly located at Door 1 #546 E. Quirino Avenue , Davao City. You can contact them at telephone nos. 300-7423 or 0922-833-3361.

With the CEO’s great determination to produce “Quality and Affordable” products, clients all over the country keep on coming back for more. This what makes Aromacology Sensi competitive in the industry.

Ms. Vanessa J. Mondragon , CEO ( photo taken by Ms. Jojie Alcantara)

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