A hobby turned into passion for Hello Kitty items – Come inside her world

Have you been collecting your favorite toys during your childhood? How do you feel when you completed all these collections? I am a fan of Barbie dolls and whenever I am given a new one each month, my heart would leap for joy.  These dolls are a little bit expensive during my time and I would love to tell my friends if ever I got one.

I love to read stories about Barbie and her partner Ken or watch them on television.  I took care of these dolls as I treasured them, placing each one inside our glass display cabinets. But now,  I gave them to my daughters to play with  while they were still young.

Girls have differents types of passion when it comes to things. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small.  They say that girls are fickle minded but  it is not the case when I met this smart and charming entrepreneur, Ms. Sue Ong.  She invited us to take a peek at her valuable collection of Hello Kitty items.  These were kept in order and placed inside a range of display cabinets which are wide, safe and durable.

She warmly welcomed us and introduced herself by telling her story on how she managed to have a huge collection of Hello Kitty items. It all started when she was given a gift from a dear friend wherein she discovered that she not only liked it but she loved it.  From then on, she never stopped collecting. As simple as that!


When we entered the room, Hello Kitty items were visible everywhere from mugs, huge stuff toys, mini cars, mini stuff toys, pillows, miniature dolls, mini chairs, lamps, tumblers, tables, lunch boxes, water dispenser, wall clock (most expensive item) and a lot more.  Some of these were collected from different parts of the world while others were given to her as gifts since she was known to be a die hard fan of Hello Kitty.  I felt like a little girl who went inside her favorite toy store looking around with wide eyes opened as she can’t stop herself from admiring the unique and rare items displayed around her.  That was the kind of feeling at that moment.


Hello Kitty Water Dispenser
Hello Kitty Stuff Toy

The surprises kept on coming as she continuously talked about how she gotten this far and will not likely to stop.  She has big plans coming up as she will open it for public viewing soon.  That makes her happier and her life more meaningful and I hope to follow her footsteps someday with my hobby for collecting different kinds of sign pens.  Will that be possible?  Well, nothing is impossible if you put your heart and soul into it.

14976757_10154943534356564_5729966120272063688_o.jpgWe were grateful to the owner, Ms. Sue Ong,  who made our visit memorable and fun.

To all the Hello Kitty lovers out there, expect good news soon when you will also be given a chance like this!

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