Experience a soothing massage at Olive Leaf Wellness Spa

I had this opportunity to try the services of a Wellness Spa which was recommended to me by my sister and once she suggests it, you have to trust her word on that.

I am addicted to massage since college days because I felt so relieved afterwards.  I had a busy life way back then wherein I have to  study until morning and finish a lot of projects before the deadline comes.  Despite that, I still give importance to relaxation.  My  body needs it and it will totally weaken when it is missing.

I love to be massaged especially on my legs and feet because after a days work, I would feel so tired.  I believed that there are a lot of pressure points on our feet that can affect every inch of our body once it will be pressed.  That is why I make it a point to have a foot massage every once a month.

I experienced a lot of good services from one spa to the other.  You have a lot of choices here in the City because these businesses are growing pretty fast.  It is not too difficult to find one because everywhere you go, they exist and they differ in names and types of services to make it more appealing as possible to the customers. There is a stiff competition in this kind of industry.

Getting back to this Wellness Spa where I experienced a good and complete relaxation, this I can recommend for sure.  The name is Olive Leaf and it sounded just right.  I had a good feeling once I got inside because while waiting for our turn, our feet were washed before we were being accompanied to our respective beds.   The receptionist asked what services we want to avail of as she explains clearly each type that they are likely to offer.   But of course, that will depend on the customer’s decision.


















As I read the types of services they offer, I was surprised by the names given to each.  I think the owner made a  smart move by choosing unique names  inspired by the History of Ancient Greece pertaining to Greek gods.

They offer the Athens Classic Massage Therapies which last for 60 mins @ P299 each .  Under these, you can choose among the four types: Rescue from Poseidon ; Apollo’s Body Ease; Touch of Ares and Hestia’s Muscle knot-away .

Another type of massage is named Athen’s Signature massage therapies good for 75 mins @ P399 each.  These comprises of four kinds: Custom relief from Hephaestus ; Zeus (whom I am sure we’re all familiar with) Anti stress therapy; Hades soothing rub and Healing from Athena.

I availed of the Zeus Anti stress therapy which was worth the visit.  I had a short nap that time and I give a thumbs up to the therapist who handled me.  The next time I go there, I will try another one and bring along a friend who is addicted to this just like me.

There are a lot more so see for yourself.  Come and visit them at No. 603, Unit 2, Macopa Street , Juna Subdivision, Matina Crossing.  For reservations or inquiries, you can call them at telephone nos. 321-7271 and 0922-218-1088.









































































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