Rekado offers original Filipino cuisine at its best

I have been to a lot of restaurants offering different types of food.  If you were to ask me what type of food do I like? I love Chinese, Japanese and Korean food.  I am not a lover of pasta though I like to eat Spaghetti which we commonly cook at home especially during special occasions.

My mom is a good cook so whenever I go to a Filipino restaurant, I always compare it to how my mom would have cooked it.  There are a lot of restaurants in our City that makes it difficult to a food lover like me which ones to choose.  If I will have a difficult time to decide, I can always rely on friends for help.

Luckily, I accompanied my sister to this restaurant, REKADO, which was my first time to visit.   When you look at the place from the outside, you would think that the restaurant offers fine dining experience which means it is very expensive or you might have to wear a dress code.  However, that first impression is not true.  Once you get inside, you will be greeted by their  friendly staff.  The interior design is unique, modern and pleasing to the eyes. Both lightings and table settings are properly arranged to suit the colors around. The owners really planned it well.  I  would say it is  the right kind of atmosphere because we felt comfortable while enjoying the food.

You will be surprised with the wide variety of filipino cuisine they offer.  Thus, we ordered our favorite food and this did not take long for them to serve.

Four Season Vegetable
Molo Soup
Baby Back Ribs
Crispy Pata

A meal would not be complete without their mouthwatering  desserts that we tried and tasted.

Fresh Lumpia
Sumon Con Leche

REKADO is located at 1050 Jacinto Extension, Brgy. 11-B, Davao City.  It opens daily from  10 a.m. to 10p.m. daily.

One thought on “Rekado offers original Filipino cuisine at its best

  1. Rekado is one of my “comfort places” here in the city. I love their grilled cheese sandwich, crispy tokwa’t tenga, street food platter and cucumber lemonade. Oh my! Can we go there now? 😊

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