Kerygma Conference 2016 – “FORWARD” by: Bo Sanchez

I have always been a fan of Bo Sanchez and his feast builders coming from different cities of our country.  I remembered when I started attending his feast for the first time , I had second thoughts but my good friend gave me free tickets.  She encouraged me to join and be part of it.  My faith was weak that time because of the many struggles that I had to face. I took a chance and attended the said conference which was known as “Kerygma Conference”.  It was held at the Central Bank Convention Hall along V. Mapa St.  I also invited my officemates and gave them free tickets as well.  We were lucky to be sitted at the front seat where we can actually see Bo Sanchez clearly and hear his message to the crowd.

From that moment on,  I regularly attended the Kerygma Conference which was being held every year at the SMX convention center, SM Lanang.  It is a must event for most of the regular attendees because it changed their lives tremendously.

Aside from the conference, there are weekly feasts held at Cinema 3 or 6 at SM Lanang.  I go there most of the time because it makes me feel complete and enlightened by the talks of different preachers.  Another one is during Wednesdays at the AMS  compound along F. Torres Street. This is being administered by the Feast Builder of Davao City , none other than Brother Jing Sto. Domingo.  He made it all possible for a lot of attendees to join the feast.  I had been inviting friends of mine who can perhaps give up their precious time to experience the feast just like me.


The changes in me were not that abrupt but miracles are constantly happening in my life.  I had lost hope but when I heard the talks of Bo Sanchez and read a lot of his inpirational books, my faith in God was alive again. I was lost but Brother Bo found me at my most difficult times in life.  Little did I know that God had plans for me.  He even surprised me more than what I had expected.  By this, I learned how to ask specifically to God and wait for his answers patiently.  If it didn’t happen the way you want it to be, it is not the right time yet.  And maybe, it was not the best solution for you at that moment.

As I had mentioned,  I had read a lot of his books.  I bought these on sale during the Kerygma event which will be displayed outside the function room.  My most favorite of all is the book entitled , ” How your Words can change your World”.  You can find these books also available at the National Bookstore.


Time flies so fast, it was just last year that I attended Kerygma Conference 2015 and now it is 2016.  Few weeks more and the most important event in the lives of Dabawenyos is going to happen very soon.  I have noticed that more and more people are attending and that truly means a good sign that God is doing miracles in everyone’s life.  I am one of it.

The motivational speakers are namely ARUN GOGNA, JON ESCOTO, ALVIN BARCELONA, OBET CABRILLAS.  These are the people who made an impact in my life and they truly speak from their hearts because like me, they also experienced great difficulties that they never thought they can surpass.  Once you hear them speak, you just want them to go on and on and on…… Of course, Brother Bo Sanchez will have a very special part in this conference.  I don’t want to miss this for sure!

Tickets are already available at their ticket outlets. You can visit their site:  for more details.

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