My most memorable 41st birthday

I had my 41st birthday last September 29, 2016. I would not call it a “grand celebration” but it was a meaningful one celebrated with my family and closest friends. I never thought that a member of my family was already having a hard time to plan for a surprise lunch treat for me.

Days before my birthday, I was planning to have dinner with my family and I was still looking for a restaurant where we can intimately celebrate and have fun together. I did not even talked about it to them because I want to surprise them too. In the office, some of my colleagues started to greet me already and I do not know what food to prepare for them. Suddenly, it dawned on me to order delicious snacks for my officemates. I wanted it to be unique and simply delicious. I chose Peppers Iberica where we always love to eat. The owners, Allen and Chiqui Aportadera, gorgeous couple are very close to my heart.

A day before my birthday, my elder sister, Jojie, was contacting me to inform that they will be coming to my house for lunch. She said that I have to go to Peppers Iberica restaurant to get the food she ordered for lunch. She already instructed my cousin, Kit, to accompany and bring the food to our house. I was not expecting something that will surprise me the next day, which was my birthday.

I prepared myself early in the morning on the day of my birthday thinking there was nothing to be expected. Of course, I was very happy to receive a lot of greetings from my fb, cellphone and emails. I was on leave during that day and I planned for a little get away all by myself. My children were in school busy ta king their exams though they were only halfday.

Before lunch came my cousin, Kit arrived to fetch me and go together to Peppers Iberica restaurant for our food. I was so hungry and did not notice the time running. I didn’t even mind my sister who did not arrive yet in our house with her family which was a little bit strange though.

When we were about to arrive in the restaurant, my cousin insisted that she parked her car properly outside. I was confused because it will just take few minutes to get our order. Chiqui, the owner, knew that we are on our way to pick up the food.  Little did I know that there was something fishy going on but I brushed the thought of it.

When we entered the restaurant, I looked for Chiqui and was surprised to see her upstairs waiting for me. I obeyed her immediately as she told me to go up. Then I was surprised to see my family with our close friends whom I did not expect to be there. They hugged me tight and greeted me in chorus, “Happy Birthday!’. I got teary-eyed due to the fact that my sister with the help of our friends and cousin Kit prepared a surprise lunch treat for me. There were a lot of good food prepared that my tummy was full and very contented.



I was a happy celebrant because I felt the sincerity of the people who made the celebration possible. I loved them all and I will never forget the efforts made by my dear sister whom I knew to be a very busy career woman but she took time to contact the people who can help her with it.  I am grateful to my daughters, Kathlene “Apple” and Nicole “Princess” who were there with me on my special day.

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