My Hometown…… a great place to unwind or de-stress


I believe that if there’s all work and no play, you will feel dull moments in every aspect of your life.  Why ? Because you need some time for relaxation that can help you think more positively.  It is like a cellphone that needs to be turned off when it is already in low battery usage.  You need to charge it right away or else you can’t use it anymore for important or urgent situations.  Like humans, we need to be recharged so we can work effectively.

It had been a tradition of our family to visit our hometown where we can see and feel the beauty of nature.  We have a lot of beaches to go to with its attractive white sands, sea shells and colorful stones.  It is not too far from our city but we can’t always go there due to the demand for work when we are in the City.

It is such a good place for me to unwind and think about happy thoughts all the time.  It’s peaceful that I can only think of the good things that happened in my life.  I also liked the food that is cooked because it is always fresh.

I loved to hear the sound of the waves during the night.  It lulls me to sleep.  The best thing to happen when you take a  short vacation in your hometown is that you can sleep as early as you want to.  People do sleep early at night because it is so quiet outside.  Unlike in the city, you can hear the sounds of the busy streets as cars go honking  and even neighbors talking and laughing out loud.  How can you sleep with that?   The feeling is mutual.



One of the most popular beaches in our hometown, Manay, San Ignacio, Davao Oriental, is the White Sand Beach Resort.  I recommended this to our friends back home because it is owned by my cousin, Pinky,  who made efforts to maintain the cleanliness around the beach and the freshness of food they usually prepare as you order from them.  They have cottages for you to stay overnight or for few days at a very affordable price. There is no entrance fee and that sounds great, right?  You can either buy or bring food and it will be served to you the way you like it.  They have a karaoke machine where you can sing all night through as long as you have coins reserved in your pocket.




I will always remember the happy times spent with my family during our short stay but it was all worth it.  I can’t wait till next year!

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