La Parranda Salsa – an original salsa of good quality


We received an invitation from a very sweet and charming couple who lived successfully in Davao City, Mr. Tom and Mrs. Evelyn Perez Macintosh,  to have a taste of their Salsa with its own brand name “La Parranda Salsa” .


When asked where they got the name from, they excitedly told us that they were inspired by Jennifer Lopez. The word “La Parranda” means Grand Feast or Party.  It was my  first time to meet the couple and I already  had a very good impression of them.



When we got to this place where they were staying, it was surprising to see that Mrs. Evelyn Macintosh prepared a lot of food for her guests. She welcomed us warmly and introduced what she prepared one by one.  From the looks of it, I can picture myself eating all the delectable food being set on the table.





We were seated inside a function room which can be occupied by at least twenty people.  We had a good conversation going on while eating the food. The Salsa named La Parranda Salsa really tastes good that it can be combined with other food like the Quesadillas, Tacos, Chips (MY FAVORITE) and a lot more.


It enriches the taste of food so once it gets into your mouth, it becomes very tasty and delicious.  I never expected this to be good.  And then I thought, I have to bring this at home and introduce the product to my friends who love salsa more than I do.  I was happy to know that Mrs. Macintosh did save some for us.


As we were having fun while addressing some personal questions to the couple, I found out the price of this Salsa is very affordable.  At P125, you can find these available already at S&R, Pepper’s Iberica, Kawaii Cafe and Park n Shop.  La Parranda Salsa are of two types: Medium and Hot tomato based salsa.  What  makes it more enticing is the packaging and labeling.


This will be the answer to anyone’s dilemma on what to prepare when guests suddenly arrive at your doorstep. They will surely love the thought of coming over and not knowing that a suprise awaits them.  A product this good is worth on your budget.


The best thing about it is  the majority of profits from La Parranda’s product sales go to the charitable work of PGC Foundation to help the rural poor areas in Mindanao.  It is not only healthy but helpful as well. To learn more about this, you can find them at Facebook by their name La Parranda for more details.rsng0262


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