My type of Coffee Shop

I have always been addicted to coffee since I graduated and worked for different private companies even until now.  I love to go to coffee shops and have a chit chat with friends and loved ones.

Coffee shops have totally changed from how it looked like and the food it has to offer.  It was made simple before but now it became more sophisticated and offers food with different varieties to choose from.

Well, you can expect the prices to go up as well because they have more to offer. I kind of like that idea because I am a coffee lover myself. The reason why I want to stay at this place because I want to be relaxed and have fun while sipping a cup of my favorite coffee.

I was a little bit stressed from work and found myself hoping that a good friend would invite me for coffee. Few minutes later, someone called me up and it was my dear good friend who just arrived from traveling.  I agreed to have coffee with her that night.  We were roaming around the city and finally came to a good coffee shop named “Blooming days cafe”,  which was the first time for me.

The owner himself was a Korean who welcomed us warmly. The place was very nice and the food was really tasty not to mention my favorite pasta which is “Pesto pasta”.

I was really craving for it since last week. Their restroom was small but very clean. We had a nice time talking about the latest happening in our lives. I would also give a thumbs up for the friendly staff. This is one of the most important things to consider because customers will keep coming back if they feel satisfied.


We ordered these cakes: Rainbow and Matcha cakes. They were delicious. The matcha gree tea latte was good for me since the taste was not too strong. The spaghetti bolognese has a sweet and savory taste because of the sauce.

I will definitely go back and invite more friends to try and see for themselves. I can say that this is my type of coffee shop.

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