Mommy Mundo Expo Mom

I have heard about Mommy Mundo a lot of times  but never knew how interesting it was for mommies like me.  This was an event held at the activity center of Abreeza Mall and is now on its 3rd year.  Hundreds of people came to join the activites and avail the products and services from different booths located inside the area.   There were certainly many products made available to mothers offered by well known companies such as Tempra, Sanicare, Bello, Cycles and a lot more.

There was a program in the afternoon which was absolutely interesting because they have interviewed fabulous and pretty moms with good experiences when it comes to motherhood and mompreneurs who shared their successful stories.  The best part of the program for me was the bento making suitable for kids in school.  A lot of moms can relate to it for sure because kids will enjoy and love how unique their bento box lunch was made by heart.  The cooking demo by Chef Michelle was practically easy to prepare and made affordable especially for the working mothers.  The last part of the program was the yoga exercise for both mom and kids that can be a good bonding experience for them.

The event was successful as more and more people still came at night and bought products from every booth they can find.  I congratulate the organizers of this event particularly Ms. Gel Ferrer who was hands on from the very beginning. We will expect more surprises and more amazing products to be offered again next year by Mommy Mundo.



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