Cakes that will make you happy

I have been gone to so many coffee shops because I crave for delicious cakes most of the time.  To my hearts content I was able to find the coffee shop that serves good cakes.  It is just a walking distance away from home and I can always go there whenever I want to.

Happy Cakes is the coffee shop that people would love to stay and unwind because it offers good food aside from delicious cakes.  It is owned by the family of Doctor Zenaida D.Martin, a dentist by profession but baking is her found passion.  The place is cozy and there are eye catching messages and fun displays on their walls that will inspire customers to read.

I tried the Caramel cake and kept coming back for more.  It is mouthwatering and rich in caramel flavor. Their best seller is Sans Rival cake. It is totally yummy because of the crunchy cashews. Their bagnet is kind of salty but tasty.  The penne with tuna and mushroom was creamy and delicious because the cheese melts in your mouth.  Besides these foods and desserts I mentioned, they still have a lot to offer on their menu and their friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

It is located at Emilio Jacinto Extension beside Tacobana.  The place has been renovated and is more visible now.  Take a chance. A visit to Happy Cakes might be good for you!





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