A heartwarming visit to Butuan City

I was able to visit  Butuan City once again with my  dear sister and her husband. We were invited by a good friend and doctor for an event wherein a new DJ will be introduced.  

A new female member of their radio station will have her own talk show.  My sister and partner took a lot of photos of her for her promotion on this new endeavor.

Her name is Jamm and she is a newbie into this industry. We stayed in this city for three days and two nights at Almont Inland Resort. It was a very comfortable location and had a room only to myself.  

It was spacious and I was hesitant at first to stay alone but with no choice, I agreed to sleep in the room. During my first day, I can’t sleep early but the second night was a good sleep for me because we had a lot of activities.

We ate in different restaurants, we visited some attractive spots of the city and had a late night activity at a new and cozy bar owned by the same friend who invited us over.  

I say it was a heartwarming stay because we were treated like VIPs and everyone was very friendly.  We had a good driver as well. Our trip was longer than I expected but it was smooth and comfortable. If given a chance to go back there, I would love to as long as we will be with the same people who brought us there. I love Butuan City!

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